The old lady

of the Ruzomberok

41 rooms
wellness center
restaurant with a view on the square
great space for congress
awesome location in the center of Ruzomberok
free parking

The story of the hotel started in the year 1927 when the cornerstone was blessed by Andrej Hlinka a priest from Ruzomberok, that was also the main initiator of the building. The building was finished already in the year 1928 and it was used as a cultural center. More elegant look it got by building a coffee lounge in 1941 and long years it was pride of Ruzomberok. Afterward the building decayed and a bigger reconstruction started only in 1997, that was finished in year 2004. The cultural center was divided into 2 parts – Cultural house of Andrej Hlinka and Hotel Kultura. In year 2018 was reconstructed the restaurant, the coffee lounge, and the hotel hall.


Hotel Kultúra z leteckého záberu


The old lady of Ruzomberok in a new dress
The new interior of the restaurant, the coffee lounge and the hotel hall mirror the elegance and history of the building, which is almost 100 years eye-catching part of the historical center in Ruzomberok. It is a place for meetings for people of Ruzomberok, but also a place for congresses and comfortable accommodation in the center of Ruzomberok.