Liptovska Mara


26 km

Zemepisné súradnice

49°6'15'' N
19°31'27'' E


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The river Vah caused in the past many floods, that’s why was build so-called „Vazska kaskada“ – system of dams and hydroelectric power plants, which for many years successfully guard Liptov against floods.

The first dam of the Vazska kaskada – the biggest dam in Slovakia – Liptovska Mara was build in years 1965 – 1975. The area of the dam is 22 square meters and the maximum depth is 43 m. Thanks its size rightly deserves the attribute – the Slovakian sea or the sea of Liptov.

Liptovska Mara has named after a destroyed village Liptovska Mara, which was together with other villages (Parizovce, Cernice, Sokolce, Old / Liptovska Sielnica, Paludza, Vrbie, Nizne a Vysne Dechtare, Raztoky, Demcin) flooded by building of the dam. From the village was preserved only a gothic church, which is located in the Havranok. Its most valued architectonical and artistic parts were carried into the Museum of Liptovian village in Pribylina.

On the Island Ratkovie, which is a famous dendrological and ornithological locality, is an arboretum (collection of live woody plants, botanical garden with growing trees specialization) with an educational path.