Liptovska Sielnica


20 km

Zemepisné súradnice

49°6'14'' N
19°28'51'' E


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Havranok is an archeological location over the dam wall of Liptovska Mara and a museum in nature. It is located 2 km from the village Bobrovnik in the county of Liptovsky Mikulas. It lies on the east side of the hill Ulozisko (741,7 meters above sea level).

Here was discovered fortification of the Kotín settlement with the druid shrine from the 1st century BC. Uncovered was a sacrificial shaft with an altar and charity sacrifices, stone roads with a portico, as well as Celtic imitations of ancient coins.

In the 12-15th century here was a Slavic settlement, here stood a medieval zeman wooden castle, fortified by palisades with a moat and a residential tower. In later period here was build a bricked church. Havranok is a place from latenian era (puchovska culture) and from peak medieval.

Buildings (authentic fortification with stone walls, wooden palisades, and an entrance gate, as well as log yard), sacrificial, tools, and objects create after the reconstruction a museum in nature, which is since 1967 national cultural heritage.

Access to the areal is possible by red signed path from the village Bobrovnik (by bus approx. 35 minutes) or from the Village Vlachy (bus, train, approx. 45 minutes).