Demanovska valley


34 km

Zemepisné súradnice

48°59'55'' N
19°35'9'' E


5 / 5

The national heritage of Demanova caves is the longest cave system in Slovakia. One of its dominance is the Demanovska cave of freedom with a rich sinter filler of different colors, mystical underground flow of Demanovka and magical lakes. It is the most visited cave in Slovakia.

By the visit, you can choose from 2 circles. The traditional circle is 1 150 m long and the elevation is 86 m. On the route is 913 stairs. The long circle is 2 150 m long, it has the same elevation and 1 118 stairs. The duration of a visit to the traditional circle is approx. 60 minutes, by the big circle it is around 100 minutes. The average temperature in the cave is from 6,1°C to 7°C.

The cave is located 13 km south from Liptovsky Mikulas in the Low Tatras, on the right side of the Demanovsky valley, few kilometers under the famous ski resort Jasna. Serpentine paths from the parking lot to the cave is approx. 400 m long and it has an elevation of 67 m. The climbing to the cave lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. On the climbing route is an educational path.