Dolny Kubin


16 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

“Nobody will become studied, who doesn´t read old ancient works, from them – as sources – they will learn to know the beginnings and connections of sciences.”

With these words of Vavrinec Caplovic welcomes you library, that was named after him. This passionate books collector didn´t hesitate to travel to Germany, Venice and elsewhere abroad for a rare set of books, so he can get them to Orava.

The worthiest inventory in the library is authentic handwriting of Slovakian activists from 17th – 19th century, such as Matej Bel, bernolakian Norbert Schrajer, Josef Abafi. Unfortunately, most of these books you won´t see. Because of their rareness, they are located in a special archive accessible only for students of university and scientists.

You can see here exposition dedicated to the life of Caplovic and his collector passion – information panels will inform you about works that are stored in the library to the last detail.